Mutual introduction of the partners Clarification of the two core objectives within FlexEhome Organizational
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Overall project meeting no. 1/2021

Allocation of tasks for monitoring existing Picea systems to evaluate previous heating support Discussion on the creation and evaluation of load profile time series for electricity, space heating and domestic…
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Overall project meeting no. 2/2021

Agreement of a monitoring report on the Picea existing installations Determination of the hot water and electricity load profiles to be used in FlexEhome (VDI 4655 generated site- and year-specific)…
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Overall project meeting no. 3/2021

Final presentation of results of Picea monitoring Comparison and discussion of calculated standard load profiles according to VDI 4655 with previous HPS load profiles Presentation of three concepts for heat…
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Overall project meeting no. 4/2021

Decision on storage system and type of heat distribution/transmission is based on simulation Determination of next steps for detailed building simulation Discussion on the use of a power-controlled heat pump…
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